Benchmark CrossFit workouts are designed to allow you to benchmark and measure your performance and fitness improvements.  The benchmark WODs will appear every few months and will serve to show you if you have been improving and by how much.  Perhaps the mother of all CrossFit benchmark workouts is FRAN.

If you run into another CrossFitter and start talking CrossFit, inevitably your “Fran time” will be brought up.  Fran, in my opinion is one of the most crushing WODs there is:



Thrusters 95 lbs

This is not the longest CrossFit workout (elite CrossFitters finish in under 3 minutes), but I guarantee you will remember this workout due to its ridiculously high metabolic demand.  It combines a moderately heavy, full body weightlifting movement, the thruster, with a gymnastic body-weight movement, the pull-up.  To post a low time you have to be pretty strong and be good at body-weight movements.